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The Risks of Not Implementing a Property Management System


A primary purpose of [a property] information management system is to facilitate standard business operations and support information and decision making by providing easy access to both internal and external information relevant to meeting the goals and operational needs of the transportation agency and the real estate office.



Without such a system, decision makers are limited in their ability to monitor performance and identify opportunities quickly and make strategic adjustments to resource allocation as needed. The real estate office will be limited in its ability to respond to the rapidly increasing reliance on digital information exchange to perform its functions.

Expectations in the current technological environment are for faster, more accurate information with fingertip access to online maps. Without a geospatially enabled system, these expectations cannot be met for staff or the public.

Return on Investment for geoAMPS Land Management Software

Posted with Written consent by Kathleen Hancock at Virginia Tech


Return on Investment for geoAMPS Land Management Software

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