Thursday, August 28

Customers use geoAMPS software for 5,300 projects

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geoAMPS software has been utilized by the company’s clients for more than 5,300 projects. Located in the Columbus, OH, area, geoAMPS is in its third year of operation, specializing in software solution to manage land rights and infrastructure assets.

geoAMPS offers 11 software products, each designed to meet the needs of a specific industry. There are software products for land services, oil and natural gas, renewable energy, land reclamation, road transportation, rail transportation, surveying, GIS, telecommunications, government assets and project management, and document processing.

Monday, August 25

Gaining knowledge retention in energy industries

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It is a trend that has become increasingly apparent for the past decade or more. America’s workforce is getting older. In many industries, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the labor force is at or rapidly approaching retirement.

A new article from geoAMPS discusses the impacts of an aging workforce in energy industries, and viable solutions. The article is published on The Daily Energy Report website. It made the site’s list of Most Popular Posts.

Wednesday, August 20

Shortage of workforce talent anticipated for renewable industries

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It is projected that by 2020, there will be a shortage of 3 million experienced technicians and other professionals in renewable energy industries worldwide. Unless action is taken, the industries will have difficulty keeping pace with the increased demand for clean, renewable energy.

Steps to help build skills within these industries are discussed in a new article from geoAMPS posted on The Energy Collective website.

Tuesday, August 19

How to address renewable industries' workforce needs

With growing global demand for energy and concerns over climate change, renewable energy industries worldwide are projected to be in a growth phase for the foreseeable future. That creates not only funding, political and infrastructure challenges, but workforce challenges as well.

geoAMPS has published a new article on the website about ways renewable energy industries can address these challenges. The article titled “Ways to build skills among renewable industries’ workforce” is published in the August/September 2014 edition of the Alternative Energy eMagazine.

Reducing our carbon footprint by developing rail systems

Governing Magazine / flickr

With increasing concerns over climate change, nations are looking toward new ways to generate and use energy that reduce mankind’s carbon footprint.

One way to accomplish that goal is through developing different means of transportation. Increased use of public transportation, including passenger rail travel, means less consumption of fuel.

New Technology Magazine: 'Automation Made Easy'

The geoAMPS solution is the topic of an article in the latest edition of New Technology Magazine. “Automation Made Easy” is the article’s title.

New Technology Magazine is a publication of the JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group, which is Canada’s oldest and most recognized energy publishing house. The group is the Canadian leader in oil and natural gas and construction publishing. It provides authoritative print and online publications, data sets, maps, charts and directories.

Wednesday, August 13

Cities address light rail challenges with varied success

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There are significant advantages to having a highly developed light rail system within a large metropolitan area. For example, it results in less congestion on roads within the city. Light rail is a safer way to travel. And, for the most part, light rail gets people from Point A to Point B quicker.

As the world becomes increasingly focused on addressing climate change, the benefits of public mass transportation become increasingly attractive.