Monday, October 27

Streamlining right of way project efficiencies through technology

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From new pipelines to utility lines, from new road construction to telecommunications towers, the acquisition of right of way is an essential aspect of the early stages of an infrastructure project. Not only is it necessary to acquire right of way before construction begins, right of way agreements must be tracked and maintained long after construction ends.

It is a time consuming and expensive part of a project. Done properly, it can help in completing construction as quickly as possible. Done improperly, property acquisition can delay or, worse, derail a project and do irreparable damage to an organization’s growth.

Wednesday, October 22

geoAMPS is proud sponsor of Dublin Taiko Group

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geoAMPS is a proud sponsor of the Dublin Taiko Group. The group is celebrating its tenth anniversary of bringing the art of Taiko to the Greater Columbus area and beyond.

The Dublin Taiko Group is yet another of the local groups, nonprofits, charities and businesses supported by geoAMPS.

geoAMPS presenting at IRWA chapter meeting in Utah

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geoAMPS has been invited by International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Chapter 38, serving the state of Utah, to give a presentation during the chapter’s meeting Oct. 28 in Salt Lake City.

Brock Hicks, Business Development Manager at geoAMPS, and Nathan Mirolo, Product Lead, will discuss the current landscape of technology capabilities for Right of Way projects.

Wednesday, October 15

Best Practices on Managing Generational Diversity

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Leena Madan, Chief Operating Officer of geoAMPS, will participate in a panel discussion at the Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference. Presented by the Ohio Diversity Council, this 7th annual conference will be held Oct. 30 and 31 at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square, 75 E. State St., Columbus.

Leena is scheduled to join a panel of experts for a discussion on Best Practices on Managing Generational Diversity. For her part in the discussion, she will address whether mixing different generations affect the workplace.

Tuesday, October 7

Four websites publish article from geoAMPS on solar power


Three websites that each focus its content on sources of alternative energy have published an article from geoAMPS on its software solutions to help continue the growth of the solar power industry.

The article has appeared in Renewable Energy World, The Energy Collective, Alternative Energy eMagazine and Daily Energy Report.

Monday, September 29

New technology contributes to dramatic solar industry growth

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The cost of solar power has dropped significantly in recent years. Between 1977 and 2013, the overall cost associated with solar power plummeted an amazing 99 percent.

There are several reasons for this development, including the reduction in price for solar panels and new technology, such as software provided by geoAMPS, that supports the development and operation of solar panels for homes and business, as well as utility-scale solar panel fields.

Friday, September 19

geoAMPS sponsors Toronto IRWA Chapter 29 event

IRWA Chapter 29

geoAMPS was a proud sponsor of the Toronto International Right of Way Association Chapter 29 golf tournament on Sept. 3, 2014.

geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, OH area, was a Gold Sponsor of the IRWA chapter event held at Station Creek Golf Club. The golf club is located in Gormley, Ontario, on the northeast edge of Greater Toronto.