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Environmental impacts of new transmission lines

Old-Va-Surveyor / flickr Because electric transmission lines can span hundreds of miles, there are environmental issues and concerns utility companies must take into account when planning and constructing new infrastructure. geoAMPS offers industry-specific software products that help utility companies complete projects more quickly. Quicker completion means project cost savings and increased revenue.

Visualizing the utility crossing conflict matrix with GIS

Congested right of ways complicate completion of infrastructure projects. Utility and telecommunications systems, and water and sewer lines are examples of existing infrastructure that can create nightmares for transportation project engineers. Historically, the lack of good records and technology has been the contributor to timeline overruns, accidents and, in some cases, loss of life when dealing with subsurface obstructions. To counter these dangers, the rise and adoption of subsurface utility engineering (SUE) makes projects safer, especially when paired with the conflict matrix. Absent of taking these steps, critical issues would not be addressed before the first shovels hit the ground.

Technology to help utilities with transmission tower siting

circulatiing / flickr Siting electric utility infrastructure and transmission lines can seem mind-boggling without the right project planning tools. Utility organizations must plan new transmission line projects carefully, accounting for multiple factors, from proximity to the grid, to existing infrastructure and property ownership. All the while, the utility must plan the expensive project in the most efficient way possible. New technological advancements, including Web-based, utilities infrastructure management software and geographic information systems (GIS), are available to help power companies efficiently navigate the multitude of challenges in transmission tower siting.

Efficiently manage utility inspections and maintenance

Karl Baron / flickr An ongoing challenge for large electric utilities is inspection and maintenance of ageing infrastructure. Towers and power lines stretch scores, sometimes hundreds of miles. There can be a wide disparity in the age of towers and lines. These factors, combined with the tough decisions or where to send limited crews, present a unique and difficult challenge. Establishing a centralized Web database of project and organizational information, accessible by a Web-based software system allows utilities to manage infrastructure inspections and maintenance accurately and efficiently.

5 Mobility Answers to Real Estate Management

When it comes to keeping the power flowing, challenges emerge from every direction. Limbs falling onto lines, vehicles hitting poles, or strong winds disrupting service to a neighborhood are only a small sample of the things that can call our crews out to restore power. Mounting a new pole, removing the limb or installing a new power line are usually simple challenges. Linemen are professionals and have the experience needed to complete the job. What I have seen, though, as a regular challenge throughout the industry is that accessing information about the infrastructure and real estate property management. There are solutions that are on the market thought to handle this test, providing field agents with on-the-go access to real estate management information that they need while in the field. Not only that, but other information from infrastructure to payments can also be accessed remotely from wireless devices like smart pads and smart phones. The industry’s reliance upon mobile technology continues to grow especially as real estate management and right of way management software solutions continue to advance. Here are five benefits mobile technology provide when dealing with real estate management in the field:

5 ways property management software helps utilities

Kevin Dooley / flickr Organizations in the energy utility industry face daunting challenges to provide consumers with vital services while minimizing costs. Software solutions are available to help utilities with real estate property management and other areas of   concern. Here are five of those areas of concern and how the right software can provide solutions that will benefit the organization and the consumer: • Real Estate Property Management – Development of new transmission lines spanning many miles requires agreements with property owners. Encroachment agreements that provide access to the infrastructure must be tracked and easily obtained to ensure maintenance of the assets and the immediate surrounding area.

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