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Right-of-way projects streamlined with geoAMPS


The 61st annual International Right of Way Association (IRWA) International Education Conference is an opportunity for attendees to learn about geoAMPS products and services. The conference will be held June 14-17 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, CA.

geoAMPS is the premier provider of software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. The rapidly growing company serves clients throughout the United States and Canada with 11 industry-specific, web-based software products. Each product is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of the customer. Among its products is rowAMPS, which was designed to bring efficiency to right of way (ROW) projects.

Conference attendees are invited to visit with members of the geoAMPS team at booths 401 and 412.

At the conference, company representatives will have the opportunity to learn more about how geoAMPS ROW software is currently helping more than 100 companies automate land acquisition tracking and real estate property management. geoAMPS is urging attendees to register to schedule a demonstration. They can sign up to schedule a free demonstration of the software by accessing Join Event - geoAMPS Quick Look Demo.

“We hope company representatives will take this opportunity, being offered by geoAMPS exclusively at the IRWA conference, to see how technological advancements are benefitting the right of way industry,” Guy Allen, Vice President of Sales at geoAMPS, said.

Among the advantages possible with geoAMPS software are establishing and automating workflows to standardize data entry; GIS capability to view parcels and access documents; mobile technology that helps ROW agents access landowner and project information in the field; standardized reporting and dashboards across all project information; and automated notifications for essential dates, such as lease payments and project milestones.

Agreements with property owners and ROW management are essential before utility, wind farms, oil and gas pipelines, solar panel fields, and mass transportation projects go forward.

Many in the industry remember when a ROW project of size required what seemed like a mountain of paper. File cabinets and boxes of it filled offices. Oftentimes, it took days of critical staff time to locate specific documents. Such paper chases were once an inefficient, albeit necessary use of organizational resources.

Reliance on paper is giving way to advancements in technology. Through web-based software and easy-to-navigate dashboards offered by geoAMPS, organizations can manage ROW projects and infrastructure assets in a real-time, paperless environment that enables collaboration and error reduction. This technology produces efficiencies that help ROW agents work smarter and boost the bottom line of land service companies.

Data migration, a service utilized by a growing number of geoAMPS customers, is effective in helping organizations upgrade from reliance on outdated information formats, such as paper. With data migration, information is transferred from one source database, errors corrected, and the information is reformatted and loaded into a central repository.

geoAMPS introduced mobile technology to the ROW industry. The land services companies geoAMPS serves are also utilizing GIS mapping software, which can prove critical to ROW project staff in the office and in the field.

Mobile technology is a game-changer for ROW agents in the field. Prior to the availability of mobile technology, ROW agents faced a variety of hurdles that complicated the process of obtaining land-use agreements and prolonged the completion of projects. Special landowner requests and ingress-egress permissions were hand-written in a notebook or stored in a bulky tract file box. Title searches were done at the county courthouse. Agents had to rely on multiple spreadsheets prone to error. An agent received a new assignment on a paper record and called or emailed his supervisor to report on the progress of negotiations.

Efficiency in obtaining ROW and tracking property and infrastructure information is critical to keeping projects on schedule and within cost parameters. Utilization of technology is key to maximizing efficiency.

Web-based software products developed at geoAMPS, such as rowAMPS, are creating opportunities for efficiency that were unavailable to professionals in the industry only a few years ago.

“Technological advancements are happening that quickly, and geoAMPS is leading those advancements with right of way software that is setting the industry standard,” said Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, who attend the IRWA conference along with Leena Madan, Chief Operating Officer, Guy Allen and other members of the geoAMPS team.

rowAMPS provides access to all project information through a central database. It features timesaving tools, such as lease management, bulk document generation, bulk update, auto reminders, scheduled reports and managing workflows.

Want to learn more about geoAMPS and its products and services, including rowAMPS? Call 614-389-4871 or visit If you are in San Diego for the IRWA conference, stop by booths 401 and 412. Go to the link provided above and schedule a free demo.

Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Consultant for geoAMPS, a software company in the Columbus, OH area that specializes in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets.

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