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geoAMPS in August 2014 Business in Calgary

Website features geoAMPS mobile technology capability


Website article features geoAMPS inspection module

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geoAMPS featured in Hart Energy publication

Website publishes article on geoAMPS solution

In addition to tough new regulations on carbon emissions, the Obama administration recently issued a strategy to reduce methane emissions.

Website publishes software solution for geothermal

The geothermal industry realized dramatic growth during 2013. The industry is anticipating continued growth in the immediate future. Leadership in the Geothermal Energy Association has even challenged the industry to provide 5 percent of all U.S. electricity production.   More than enough geothermal resources are entered into the National Geothermal Data System. What is needed now, industry officials say, are advancements in geothermal resources technology and power system technology.   A new article from geoAMPS published on, a website dedicated to reporting new developments in renewable energy, discusses how technological advances can help the geothermal industry achieve its ambitious goal.   Titled “Technology to aid geothermal industry growth,” the article describes advantages that are realized by utilizing Web-based software for organizational processes and for each stage of development and management of geothermal projects.

Daily Energy Report website features geoAMPS solution

Constructing wind turbines and solar panels, developing geothermal facilities, or laying hundreds of miles of pipeline is only the beginning of a new energy project. Much work and organizational effort lie ahead.

geoAMPS solution featured by Canadian publication

New Technology Magazine, a publication based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has published a news release from geoAMPS on the large volume of payments processed with geoAMPS software. geoAMPS’ clients have reported processing combined payments exceeding $1.1 billion by utilizing geoAMPS software products. geoAMPS is only in its third year of operation.   New Technology Magazine included the news release in the Information Technology section of its online edition.

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