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geoAMPS solution is focus of article in trade journal

geoAMPS is featured in a new Gas Oil and Mining Contractor article. Titled “Technology Helps Turn a Profit,” the article is an online exclusive on the publication’s website. Written by Paul Nicolaus, the article addresses how software vendors help oil and gas companies increase efficiencies during the current market difficulty of decreased oil prices.

geoAMPS named among 20 Most Promising Technologies

geoAMPS has been named among the 20 Most Promising Utilities Technologies by CIOReview magazine. Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, was interviewed for an article about how the geoAMPS solution benefits utilities and other industries. The article appears in a special December 2015 edition focused on utilities technology.

altAMPS aids efficiencies for renewable energy industries

Renewable energy industries have learned in recent years that they cannot depend upon the Production Tax Credit and other tax incentives to help in project development. Even though the tax credits have led to increased development and job creation, politicians in Washington have been unable to agree to extend the credits. While the debate in Washington continues, advances in technology are helping the industry reduce the cost of project development. New articles from geoAMPS, published on The Energy Collective and altEnergyMag websites, discuss how those advances in technology are aiding the industry at this critical time.

geoAMPS supports tournament to raise money for International Justice Mission

geoAMPS is helping raise money as a sponsor of the Columbus Dodgeball Tournament. The Columbus Dodgeball Tournament is supporting the International Justice Mission (IJM), a human right agency dedicated to making freedom possible for children and families around the world. The funds raised will support IJM’s efforts to free individuals and families held in slavery, children forced into prostitution and others trapped in violent injustice around the world.

Technology increases efficiencies for volatile oil industry

Nester Galina / flickr The past few months have been rough on the oil industry. The price for oil has plummeted, dropping to a level half of what it was last year. The result has been company bankruptcies, mergers, layoffs and cancelled projects. Despite this dire news, the industry is still poised to produce more oil in 2015 than it did last year. Advancements in technology are a major reason. These advancements are being introduced at each stage of oil production, from analyzing drilling sites, to acquiring land rights to develop new wells, drilling and extraction, pipeline construction, project operation and maintenance, and standardizing organizational procedures.

geoAMPS solution featured on alternative energy website

Wendell / flickr A popular alternative energy news website has published a new article from geoAMPS about how advances in technology are supporting successful efforts at global energy sustainability. The article cites a new report issued by Worldwatch Institute citing the continued growth of renewable energy industries during 2014. This is happening against a backdrop of increasing global energy consumption, particularly in developing countries, and a dramatic decline in oil prices. Today, more than one quarter of the world’s electricity is generated through renewable, clean energy.

Technology is the answer for global oil industry

A new article from geoAMPS, published on Energy Global’s Oilfield Technology website, discusses how technological solutions are helping the oil industry maintain production despite dramatically lower prices for oil. Titled “Technology is the answer for the oil industry,” the article was published July 28 by the editors of Oilfield Technology. Oilfield Technology is a product of Palladian Publications of Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom.  Palladian produces six magazines and accompanying websites. It has readers and customers in more than 150 countries across all five major continents.

England publisher announces geoAMPS' offshore award

World Pipelines, a prestigious publication providing news and information on the global energy sector, has published the announcement of geoAMPS’ selection for the Offshore Excellence Award for Innovation in Oil and Gas Project Management Software. World Pipelines is one of the magazines published by Palladian Publications of Surrey, England.  The announcement was published on its Energy Global website. geoAMPS was selected for the award by Acquisition International magazine, a publication of United Kingdom-based AI Global Media.

geoAMPS software supports global sustainability

Statistics from 2014 paint an encouraging picture of the growth of renewable energy industries and its impact on global energy consumption and climate. A new article posted by geoAMPS on the popular Energy Collective website provides details of the 2015 Worldwatch Institute report on the global status of renewables. The article is titled “Technological Advancements Support Sustainability.” That Worldwatch report concludes that utilization of renewable energy continued to grow during 2014 against the backdrop of increasing global energy consumption and the dramatic decline in oil prices. Worldwatch even offers the encouraging observation that for the first time in decades, despite rising energy use, global carbon emissions associated with energy consumption remained stable in 2014. This occurred even as the global economy grew.

Smart Business Columbus magazine features geoAMPS

geoAMPS is featured in the May 2015 edition of Smart Business Columbus magazine. The article titled “Never Compromise,” written by Associate Editor Jayne Gest, recounts geoAMPS’ founding and subsequent growth. Gest interviewed Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, and Leena Madan, Chief Operating Officer. They discussed developing the right product, assembling the right team and building the right company culture as key to the dramatic growth geoAMPS has experienced since its founding in 2011.

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