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Technology Helps Meet Energy Needs

Mankind’s methods of utilizing energy have come a long way since the days of throwing another log or shovel-full of coal on the fire. Methods of extracting oil and natural gas have grown far more complex than merely drilling another well and opening the valve.

As is the case with virtually every industry, new technology is a driving force behind changes in how we produce energy, how it is made available to markets, and how consumers use it in their daily lives and business activities.Technology is improving our ability to locate and deliver oil and natural gas. Technology is advancing the means of utilizing alternate energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal.

These advancements are occurring at a rapid pace. Trade journals and online newsletters provide insights into how technology is reshaping how we power our homes, businesses, communities and transportation. With each new edition, another journal or newsletter reports on new technologies that will, for example, improve the methods of locating new reserves of fossil fuels, or increase the efficiency of wind turbines or solar panels.Collectively, all of these advancements offer great reason for hope that mankind will solve the dilemma of generating enough energy to meet growing global needs – a dilemma that only a few years ago seemed a problem which was insurmountable.

geoAMPS is helping to provide an answer. The software solutions developed here offer tools to help increase energy capacity through project efficiency and cost savings. geoAMPS provides a single solution that can manage all types of projects, such as right of way, oil and gas leasing, wind or solar farms, among others.geoAMPS introduced the use of mobile technology, detached platform and other creative solutions to address unmet needs within conventional and alternative energy industries. geoAMPS provides a unique centralized repository of project information and processes that can save costs, increase efficiency and eliminate the duplication of systems and information.

geoAMPS has developed a line of industry-specific products that can be configured to address each of our client’s unique needs.rowAMPS is one of those products. Whether a company is building a new pipeline, transmission line or wind farm, or taking on an existing one, the project does not happen unless right of way is acquired. However, as anyone who has been involved in a right of way project knows, the process can be frustrating.

rowAMPS provides a centralized repository for managing all land rights and infrastructure asset information. The software allows companies to manage right of way projects and land assets in a real-time, paperless environment that enables collaboration, efficiency and error reduction. rowAMPS also offers GIS mapping capabilities, delivering an integrated geospatial view of the project area.Right of way agents tell us how much they like the time-saving tools that come with rowAMPS, including the ability to input information and work in the field through mobile technology.

altAMPS is another in the geoAMPS product line. If you are developing a new wind or solar farm, or looking for efficiency in maintaining and operating existing alternative energy infrastructure, altAMPS is a comprehensive solution for end-to-end management of those projects. Plus, the altAMPS solution is paperless.altAMPS provides the tools to help with an issue wind energy industry officials report is their number one pain point – managing ongoing payments. Tools such as royalty calculator, lease management and payment tracker and scheduler make that process more efficient. Tasks that once took several days to complete can now be done in minutes with altAMPS. The software also ensures payment accuracy.

Managing mineral rights while keeping crews up-to-date is complex, but critical for Exploration and Production companies (E&P). landAMPS, another in the geoAMPS product line, meets the needs of fast-paced lease acquisitions and manages costly drilling schedules where accuracy and speed are equally critical to overall success. By utilizing landAMPS, E&P organizations can streamline workflows and eliminate costly errors in their mineral exploration, drilling, mining and production operations.

landAMPS provides access to all mineral rights information, and that information is centralized for easy access by authorized project staff. Agents can manage lease checks, environmental studies, mineral title research, lease acquisitions, depth severances, recurring payments and non-payment obligations, legal processes, and ownership changes, all within one software system. Through standardization of data, optional mobile, detached and GIS platforms, E&P staff is kept current both in the field and in the office. landAMPS brings order to an otherwise chaotic process.Today’s technological developments are determining how we meet tomorrow’s energy needs. It is an effort that will decide whether mankind meets the energy needs of a growing global community, or faces the consequences of falling short. It is as important to each individual as heat and light.

The staff at geoAMPS is proud to join in the development of these necessary technologies.

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