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geoAMPS solution is focus of article in trade journal


geoAMPS is featured in a new Gas Oil and Mining Contractor article. Titled “Technology Helps Turn a Profit,” the article is an online exclusive on the publication’s website.

Written by Paul Nicolaus, the article addresses how software vendors help oil and gas companies increase efficiencies during the current market difficulty of decreased oil prices.

Gas Oil and Mining Contractor is a leading trade journal for environmental and support service professionals. Its monthly circulation is 19,500.

Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, was interviewed for the article. He discussed how software solutions can bolster business in the oil and gas industry even during these tough times.

Doing more with less

“Our software allows companies to do more with less, and in times like these where oil prices are challenging and people are having to cut down on staff, we can definitely provide a value proposition for these organizations to manage their information with fewer people,” Yogesh states in the article.

geoAMPS software also increases safety for agents in the field. The software can be utilized to provide important information about private property the agent needs to enter. It can also assist the company in overseeing inspections of critical assets, which are key to ensuring equipment safety.

The article discusses landAMPS, the software solution developed by geoAMPS to address the specific needs of organizations in the oil and gas industry.

A significant cost early in establishing an oil or natural gas drilling site is acquiring leases for land and mineral rights. landAMPS helps meet the needs of fast-paced lease acquisitions and manage costly drill schedules where accuracy and speed are paramount.

Web platform

The core of the landAMPS solution is the Web platform. The platform’s dashboard-focused interface gives landAMPS users a centralized repository of data, ensuring easy and secure access in the office or in the field.

With landAMPS, organizations can manage mineral title research, environmental studies and depth severances within one system. The software automates the time- and labor-intensive process of calculating and issuing lease payments.

landAMPS comes with optional mobile and GIS platforms. The GIS option offers a geospatial view of the project area and dashboard-like capability to monitor projects and assets through color-coded maps and layers.

For more information about how landAMPS and other geoAMPS products can assist your organization, call 614-389-4871 or visit

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 Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Consultant for geoAMPS.

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