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geoAMPS creates efficiencies and preserves environment


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geoAMPS joins the celebration of the worldwide observance of Earth Day on April 22 by offering paperless solutions for organizations and their ambitious projects.

geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, OH area, features software within its suite of products that is specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations involved in renewable energy and environmental protection.

April 22 marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. When it started in 1970, 20 million people across the United States – or one in 10 Americans – rallied for environmental protection.

For this year’s celebration, more than 1 billion people around the world are expected to rally and join the call for increased efforts to protect the planet.

“It is stating the obvious that environmental protection is essential,” Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, said. “That is why our company has invested heavily in products that improve efficiencies of organizations involved in projects that are environmentally friendly.”

The systematic shift to the use of renewable sources of energy by the world’s industrial nations is a development of historic proportions since the first Earth Day and in the early years of the new millennium. Governments worldwide are establishing ambitious national goals. There is substantial public and private investment, including research and development and job creation, being committed to this effort to power our economies and daily lives with clean, renewable sources of energy.

geoAMPS is advancing the development of renewable sources of energy, including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. Its product called altAMPS is tailored specially to alternative energy projects. altAMPS provides end-to-end management of alternative energy projects during the development, construction and operation phases.

altAMPS delivers a complete paperless web-based project and asset-tracking system for alternative energy projects. The software centralizes information in a paperless system where project information is available collaboratively across an organization. Data within the system can also be used for automated calculations, such as ongoing royalty and lease payments.

geoAMPS also offers software solution aimed at simplifying land reclamation projects. ecoAMPS provides organizations working to restore abandoned mining operations and natural habitats with a single platform from which to conduct all project-related activities.

Regulations on land reclamation are understandably stringent. ecoAMPS helps organization produce and maintain accurate records on environmental studies, project financials and controls. The software tracks the progress of reclamation work done at each site.

ecoAMPS provides the ability to manage all aspects of land reclamation projects, including, but not limited to, project identification, scoping, environmental assessment, bidding and project tracking.

ecoAMPS allows organizations to easily identify compliance issues and implement appropriate controls.

By implementing geoAMPS’ software solutions, organizations can realize an average 35 percent savings through efficiencies.

As is the case with altAMPS, ecoAMPS and nine other industry-specific software products, all geoAMPS software products are paperless.

As an organization, geoAMPS is committed to paperless processes and encourages its employees to think green.

With momentum increasing worldwide for development of renewable energy, now is the time to commit greater public and private resources to the effort. Public investment leads to innovation, which helps to drive down the cost of renewable sources of energy.

As we celebrate Earth Day this April 22, mankind can celebrate the advancements being made in the development of clean, renewable sources of energy. Those advancements to date represent significant progress in addressing climate change. They are what mankind can build upon to forge a promising future.

Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Consultant of geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, Ohio, area that specializes in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. For more information, call 614-389-4871 or visit

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