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Ways to reduce injuries and illnesses in the workplace

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 739,700 injuries were reported among state and local government workers in 2012. In addition, 53,000 workplace illnesses were reported. These include conditions caused by exposure to chemicals, breathing hazardous fumes, ingesting toxic substances, experiencing noise-induced hearing loss, heatstroke, frostbite, etc. The BLS also reports that workers took off a median of nine days as a result of those injuries and illnesses in 2012, which is up from eight days in 2011 (view report ). Not only do these incidents cost the U.S. economy to care for or compensate injured or sick individuals, but it costs government agencies in lost productivity when their employees miss work. Decrease costs of workforce illness and injury Improving occupational health and safety in the workplace is key for any company or government agency to decrease costs and increase productivity. Health and safety software can streamline processes and increase workplace safety. Benefits of using a project-management tool: Maintenance and inspections can be scheduled and tracked to ensure that equipment is working properly and infrastructure is safe. Maintenance and inspection crews can receive automatic notifications of any work orders and use mobile technology to capture data in the field and mark tasks as complete. Work is completed efficiently and within prescribed time frames to increase workplace safety and decrease occupation-related injuries. Business processes and standards are clearly defined so that workers know how to perform a task each time it is carried out. With established guidelines in place, workers are less likely to make mistakes, which can result in injuries. Project data is managed in one centralized location, meaning employees can easily access relevant information and follow well-documented process flows. This means that when employees are sick, those still in the office have access to the information they need to continue work on the project. New to geoAMPS? geoAMPS is a mobile and cloud-based asset management company for managing land rights and infrastructure assets. Our industry-leading technology helps companies and local government agencies automate land management, permitting, inspections and code enforcement to increase productivity and reduce errors. On average, our clients experience increased efficiency of 35 percent. Learn more here.

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