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geoAMPS software meets telecommunications industry needs

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With the telecommunications infrastructure expanding both in reach and complexity, geoAMPS offers telecom software that can effectively manage new projects in addition to operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

The telecom industry is expected to grow approximately 3 percent annually through 2016. The Insight Research Corporation concluded that worldwide telecommunications services revenue is expected to grow from $2.1 trillion in 2012 to $2.7 trillion in 2017 at a combined average growth rate of 5.3 percent.
Not surprisingly, demand for wireless services by individual consumers and businesses is fueling the industry growth. Asia and other emerging markets are expected to grow wireless revenues by 64 percent.
Most of the growth in both wireless and wireline sectors is expected to originate from broadband services, with 3G and 4G broadband services forecast to grow at a compounded rate of 24 percent to 2017.
This comprehensive change in the telecommunications industry will mean addition, enhancement and consolidation of infrastructure. Organizations need an effective tool to manage these changes in order to improve efficiency and maximize revenue potential.

Designed to handle communications infrastructure projects, the comAMPS software provides organizations with a powerful, real-time, web-based database that can effectively manage new and existing infrastructure.

comAMPS is one of the suite of software products offered by geoAMPS, a software provider located in the Columbus, OH, area. geoAMPS software products are industry-specific and each can be customized further to meet the needs of individual clients.
Users of comAMPS gain real-time access to exact locations of underground utility lines, encroachments, permits, maintenance schedules and other critical aspects of operating and managing telecommunications infrastructure.
Scheduled alerts trigger work orders to the maintenance crews for timely completion, smooth operations and compliance with various agencies.
The payment module can manage one-time and recurring payments, providing centralized financial tracking of all transactions. With payments being determined and processed automatically, the organization gains assurance that payments will be issued accurately and on schedule.
comAMPS provides seamless integrations with an organization’s monitoring and other in-house systems to generate location-specific alerts that can greatly improve efficiency and cycle times of a variety of tasks.
comAMPS users also gain the ability to use mobile apps, utilize geographic information system (GIS) capability or work offline in remote areas where Internet connectivity is unreliable or nonexistent.
In the near-term, higher data transmission speed and widespread adoption of mobile apps are expected to enhance telecommunications in such markets as banking, mobile payments, automotive telematics and health care. These developments will drive new opportunities and even greater data needs that must be met by an expanding telecommunications infrastructure.
For more information about comAMPS, visit or call 614-389-4871.
Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Manager for geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, OH, area specializing in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. Learn more about geoAMPS by visiting

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