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Offshore Excellence Award goes to geoAMPS product


The United Kingdom-based publication Acquisition International has presented geoAMPS with a 2016 Offshore Excellence Award. The award is for Best E&P Project Management Software: landAMPS.

A description of landAMPS and information about geoAMPS appears in Acquisition International's Offshore Excellence Awards supplement.

One of the suite of industry-specific software products offered by geoAMPS, landAMPS meets the needs of oil and natural gas producers. geoAMPS software has been proven effective in drastically reducing the timeline for oil and gas projects, which can result in millions of dollars of added revenue.

landAMPS capabilities

landAMPS is effective in managing mineral rights in oil and gas E&P. With landAMPS, oil and gas companies manage fast-paced lease acquisition and costly drill schedules. It also is useful in managing workflows of crews onsite.

geoAMPS is the premier provider of software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. Its clients are leaders in their respective industry. geoAMPS clients include some of the largest oil and gas producers in the world.

geoAMPS solutions are available across Web, mobile and GIS platforms, providing maximum flexibility and deployment options.

“Ultimately, when each day impacts an organization’s bottom line, the organization needs the right tools to make each day count,” Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS, said. “For the oil and gas industry, landAMPS is that tool. It is the best software solution on the market that meets the industry’s project and operational needs.”

Global audience

Acquisition International is a monthly magazine published by AI Global Media Ltd., a publishing house that has reinvigorated corporate finance news and reporting. Acquisition International has more than 108,000 subscribers in 170 countries. The publication maintains a vigorous online presence. Its website is updated daily with the latest news, features, opinion and commentary regarding the global corporate landscape.

Acquisition International selects Offshore Excellence Awards annually.

“We are honored that our product landAMPS is the recipient of this prestigious award,” Yogesh said. “The entire geoAMPS team extends our thanks to Acquisition International.”

For more information about geoAMPS and how its software solutions can benefit oil and natural gas organizations, call 614-389-4871 or visit

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Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Consultant for geoAMPS.

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