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geoAMPS Celebrates 5th Anniversary


We recently celebrated geoAMPS' 5th anniversary with a party that was filled with fun and laughter. We got around to asking employees, “What does working at geoAMPS mean to you?” And we received many heartfelt responses.

For many, working with this company means putting a high value on growth and leadership. We had hired leaders from a wide span of industries, and many of them had persistently adapted to our work culture here at geoAMPS. “There is no comparison working for a morally deferential company that puts a high value on both creativity and company culture.” said Kellie Young, the Operations Manager. geoAMPS puts a huge emphasis on how employees should be treated like our greatest asset.

At the anniversary party, CEO Yogesh Khandelwal declared that the journey has been amazing thus far, and we are looking forward to many more successful years. He credited the amazing work team geoAMPS has assimilated for the amount of growth in the company. The bar has been set high for the next five years. 

geoAMPS has undergone many milestones in the past 5 years in areas of employment, clientele, projects, and products. Our India office opened up in May of 2015, creating 53 employees total. We have also been featured in over 40 articles while being placed as a finalist for over 11 awards. Currently, we are supporting over 30 direct clients, with another 200-plus through our channel partners. On a more personal note, our U.S. office has seen four weddings, and two new babies from our staff. We know the next five years will see even bigger gains. 

Photos from our 5th anniversary party can be viewed on this Facebook album.


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