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geoAMPS celebrates 4 years in India !

geoAMPS celebrates 4 years in India

geoAMPS is a software solution built for managing land rights and assets. We
are spread across 10 industries which include Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy and
Transportation. We are currently serving clients throughout the United States,
Canada and India. geoAMPS has a tightly-knit team of professionals who work
together to bring to their clients the best-in-class service.

5th March 2019, marked 4 years of their business in India. They have grown a lot
in these years and the occasion sure called for a celebration. On their anniversary
day, geoAMPS organized a cricket match for their employees followed by a
delightful dinner. Gaurav Bahadur, Vice President, Delivery Services said “This
time we wanted to organize an evening filled with fun and engaging activities to
develop team spirit among our employees. It’s good to see that it turned out very
well and all our employees had an enjoyable time.” “The idea was to have a
sporting exercise to get all the employees from different teams united and spend
the evening on a pleasant note. Our motive was achieved as everyone had a great
time socializing with each other and got to know each other better,” said Vaishali
Shah, the Director of Operations.

All the employees engaged enthusiastically and displayed an astounding
sportsman spirit. The geoAMPS team was grouped into 4, Team Red, Black, Blue,
and Green. It was a tight competition among all the teams, though team Blue
emerged as a winner. The Man of the Match who was also the captain of the
winning team said, “I am glad that the company recognizes the hard work of the
employees and apprehends it by organizing such interactive and exciting activities
for us. All my associates have played very well and I am happy that the efforts of
my team brought us to victory". The geoAMPS US team organizes similar field
activities where various matches & competitions are planned for the entire
organization to blow off some steam. “Its a geoAMPS tradition & all employees
are encouraged to be a part of it ”. said Navin, Technical Product Manager.

geoAMPS boards a new path with each passing year and take it as a moment to
look back at their accomplishments, hard work, and determination. They take
every event as a reason to rejoice and elevate themselves even more. geoAMPS
will continue to grow and provide you with the best of it's products.

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