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Forbes Magazine Features geoAMPS’ Power Couple


An exclusive article about our very own Yogesh Khandelwal and Leena Madan has been featured in the August edition of India’s leading Business magazine - Forbes. The story shines light on the journey of Yogesh Khandelwal and Leena Madan, their educational background and how they started their career. We also gain insight into how Yogesh and Leena came up with the idea to start geoAMPS, the inception of geoAMPS and what they envision for the future of the company.

geoAMPS was recognized for its robust line of land rights & infrastructure asset management software solutions, which has evolved in recent months to meet the rapidly changing needs of the oil & gas industry while expanding into other new industries. To read the full article click here.

Forbes is one of the highest circulated magazines in both The United States and India, with over 900,000 copies published on a bi-weekly basis. Known as “The Capitalist Tool,” the business magazine recognizes people, organizations and companies that make an impact in innovation, technology and business. To be featured in the distinguished Forbes Magazine alongside some of the most successful people in the World is truly an honor.

geoAMPS offers software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. Under Yogesh and Leena’s leadership, the company’s initial product offering has been customized and expanded into 11 different software products, each of which are industry-specific. geoAMPS serves the right-of-way, oil and natural gas, renewable energy, transportation, utilities, survey, land reclamation, government, document generation, and telecommunications industries. Products also include a geographic information system (GIS) viewer.

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