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England publisher announces geoAMPS' offshore award


World Pipelines, a prestigious publication providing news and information on the global energy sector, has published the announcement of geoAMPS’ selection for the Offshore Excellence Award for Innovation in Oil and Gas Project Management Software. World Pipelines is one of the magazines published by Palladian Publications of Surrey, England.  The announcement was published on its Energy Global website.

geoAMPS was selected for the award by Acquisition International magazine, a publication of United Kingdom-based AI Global Media.

Acquisition International has more than 108,000 subscribers in 170 countries. In addition, the publication maintains a strong online presence. Its website is updated daily with the latest news, features, opinion and commentary regarding the global corporate landscape. The magazine selects Offshore Excellence Awards annually.

World Pipelines has total worldwide readership of 42,848 global decision-makers in the oil and gas pipeline industry.

The Offshore Excellence Awards recognize the world’s leading innovators in all spectrums of the offshore industry. Through the awards, Acquisition International recognizes and rewards advancements, care, leadership and exceptional commitment to client support, commending teams across a variety of services for a forward thinking, client-focused business ethic which has helped transform the offshore industry.

“geoAMPS is the premier provider of software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets,” Jonathan Hicks, a member of the Awards Team at Acquisition International, said. “Their main mission is guided by their core values, which will enable them to remain the technology leader in the land rights and infrastructure management industries.

“geoAMPS is committed to providing quality products and best-in-class service,” he added. “Due to their commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, geoAMPS was selected for our award for Innovation in Oil and Gas Project Management Software.”

For a six-page article in Acquisition International’s Offshore Excellence Awards digital supplement, the magazine interviewed Yogesh Khandelwal, President and Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS. He also is featured on the supplement’s cover.

“We are honored to be recognized for providing innovative software to benefit the oil and natural gas industry,” Yogesh said. “We are proud of our software products and pleased that a growing number of organizations, including leaders in their respective industries, are utilizing geoAMPS to decrease costs and bring operational efficiencies to their projects.”

Based in the Columbus, OH area, geoAMPS specializes in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. There are 11 industry-specific software products, including products to serve the oil and gas industry. These products include a geographic information system (GIS) viewer, which can be purchased as a standalone product or combined with any of geoAMPS suite of products. Each product is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of the client. geoAMPS products are available across multiple platforms – Web, mobile, detached and GIS – for optimal flexibility and deployment.

With its comprehensive suite of products, outstanding training and 24/7 product support, it is not surprising that geoAMPS has grown quickly to serve clients throughout the United States and abroad.

“Our customers include some of the largest oil and gas producers in the world,” Yogesh said. “Their projects require many miles of pipeline. In order for those long, linear projects to be completed, property right of way must be acquired, tracked and managed. geoAMPS is the go-to software to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. Efficiencies made possible through using our software have made geoAMPS the market leader in software solutions for the midstream industry.”

geoAMPS has taken several steps to advance to the position of market leader. The company offers the only software on the market that allows clients to tackle all land management needs within the same software.

"Historically, organizations have had to sometimes use 18 different software programs to manage all the information that can be centralized in a single install of geoAMPS,” Yogesh said.

geoAMPS configures its software to meet the client’s needs, which reduces the turnaround time for implementation. That leads to improved ROI for the client.

“In several head-to-head evaluations, geoAMPS was favored 9-to-1 over our closest competitor,” Yogesh added.

geoAMPS introduced mobile technology to the land rights industry. Now, mobile capabilities are the market standard. However, introducing the technology positioned geoAMPS well ahead to the competition.

geoAMPS also offers detached capability. Field agents in remote areas that lack Internet connection can still input information on mobile devices. The system has sync-on-demand capability once connectivity is restored.

Yogesh expressed appreciation to Acquisition International and World Pipelines.

“The Offshore Excellence Award is a natural result of the growth of the global economy,” he said. “That is especially true for the oil and gas industry, which is global in nature. And the industry’s impact on the global economy is sure to grow.”

Want to learn more about the benefits geoAMPS brings to the oil and gas industry? Visit our website or call 614-389-4871 and ask to schedule a free demonstration.

Dan Liggett is Communications and Public Relations Consultant for geoAMPS. Visit

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