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Contain the Cost of Your Acquisition Project

Government needs its tax dollars in order to operate and provide services to residents. To accomplish this task, the government places a tax lien on your property for nonpayment. Then after a certain period of time foreclose on that lien and hold an auction to recoup its funds. Foreclosure is a judicial proceeding where the- lien holder, or claimant, files a court action to enforce his rights to receive payment for his lien and force a sale of some asset in question. All governments have a mechanism to accomplish the end result of payment of taxes. It may be called by different names and have varying procedures from locality to locality. In Florida, the section in the statutes that controls tax deeds and certificates is Chapter 197 of the Florida statutes. In the hierarchy of quality of deeds an owner can receive, tax deeds are some of the poorest or lowest quality. A general warranty or special warranty deed is the typical deed used for transferring title, where a quit claim deed is used as a curative deed. But instead of having a willing buyer and seller in a typical real estate transaction, tax deeds are adversarial. Tax deeds transfer the title of a parcel of land for nonpayment of real estate taxes to new owners from the legal title owners.

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