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10 Facts About Right of Way Software to Impress Your Boss


Last week a colleague here at geoAMPS wrote that, “right of way software is a game changer.” In the tough world of acquiring and managing land rights and infrastructure, he is absolutely right. For proof, just look at the competition, especially those who have embraced technology and all that it can do for their organization. 

If you’re working with paper and pencil and have not yet implemented a technology solution in your right of way toolkit, then I would like to offer the following points for your consideration. You may even be able to take this list back to your boss and convince him that technology in today’s rough-‘n’-tumble acquisition game is what you need to give your organization the edge.

1. Work anywhere

geoAMPS lineup of tools can work no matter where your agents find themselves with the Web application in the office, the mobile application on the road and the detached application when Internet connectivity is limited or nonexistent.

2. Technology is easy to integrate

No matter if you’ve been in business for 100 years or are just starting new, technology from geoAMPS can be up-and-running in as little as two weeks, bringing unprecedented clarity to projects.

3. Workflows improve accountability

With automated workflows, approvals and reviews move efficiently. There’s no more waiting for an email or folder to show up on your desk. With geoAMPS, a notification alerts the next agent in a workflow that their action is necessary, speeding the transfer of information and compressing cycle times within a project.

4. A picture is worth more than words

Visualizing projects in real-time on color-coded maps shines new light on projects allowing decisions to be made faster with greater confidence. With geoAMPS applications, information from the Web-database is updated in real time, giving your teams exceptional clarity.

5. There is minimal training required

That’s right, training is easy for agents throughout the organization to use a Web-based application from geoAMPS. And with less training comes less downtime and lost production thanks to an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use controls.

6. You know in real-time

If something happens in the field, the office knows at the same time as the survey crew over the next hill. Improving communications and nearly eliminating duplication of efforts and wasted time, resulting in greater efficiency.

7. You want control? We’ve got you covered

Security and tracking has never been easier. geoAMPS systems are role-based with secure logins. Only the information you want to be seen, entered and edited by each agent is accessible, depending on the administrator’s settings.

8. Never fear lost information

Where is that file again? With Web-based software from geoAMPS you are well assured that information will always be available and backed up on secure servers, radically reducing the risk of losing or misplacing information.

9. Web-based technologies are less expensive

Web-based technologies require nothing more than a computer and Internet connection to operate, giving your agents everything they need, when they need it, with a small investment.

10. Support is there when you need it

Having someone that you can count on is pivotal when decisions are made or when something is unclear. If you have a question, the geoAMPS Product Support Team is available 24/7 to help keep projects on track and on time no matter the issue. With a record of a 99.9% uptime, geoAMPS is the leader in right of way software applications.

No matter the size of your organization, technology is an asset that will prove itself time and time again. With geoAMPS behind your technology you can be assured that you are providing your team with the best technology partner possible, one who has the experience and the vision to keep you ahead of the competition now and into the future.

geoAMPS is a technology company that specializes in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets. Its software line includes rowAMPS, which is designed for companies to manage right of way projects and land assets in a real–time

paperless environment that enables collaboration, efficiency and error reduction. rowAMPS, like all geoAMPS solutions, is a secure, Web–based system that brings transparency and promotes compressed cycle times while maintaining compliance with applicable rules and mandates.

Nathan Mirolo
Nathan Mirolo
I fell completely backwards into what was then a startup in 2012 with 7 employees and no marketing team. Since then the experiences, opportunities and the working environment that geoAMPS has allotted to me and my colleagues has been amazing, I’ve never looked back.

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