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Taking on a Data Migration

geoAMPS is featured in the November/December 2012 issue of Right of Way, the publication of the International Right of Way Association. The article, titled “Taking on a Data Migration,” is written by Yogesh Khandelwal, Chief Executive Officer of geoAMPS.
Data migration involves transferring information from various sources into a single software solution. It requires extracting data from its original source, correcting errors, reformatting and loading it into a centralized location that is easily accessible. Once the data is centralized and ready for use, right of way agents and other staff can access reports quickly and enter new information easily.

Data migration is just one of the services that geoAMPS provides its clients. It is a service which helps companies and organizations improve productivity and efficiency. It helps to improve the bottom line.

In his article, Yogesh explains the advantages of data migration. He also looks at some of the challenges and how geoAMPS software solutions have helped clients overcome these challenges.

“When your right of way organization decides to implement a new technology solution that is both user-friendly and easy to manage, ask questions, do the research and learn as much as you can about the plan your technology provider is creating,” Yogesh writes. “With the different types of software currently available, moving from one format to another is a low risk if the migration is handled by competent individuals who are familiar with the needs of right of way professionals.” 

Information is critical to the success of any business or organization. With so many different pieces of data to rely on, ensuring your staff has immediate access to what’s needed, when it’s needed, only makes good business sense. That level of access is possible through a successful data migration.

Click here to read the complete article as it appears in the most current issue of Right of Way.
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