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Top 10 Things to Consider for Right of Way Software


If you work in right of way and deal with land rights, or asset management, you understand the difficulties that outdated technology can create. With ever more complicated projects, the acquisition of land rights and the management of infrastructure assets have become a daunting challenge. Today, tracking title documents, contact information, negotiation notes, payment obligations, and all of the paperwork associated with the successful competition of a project can overwhelm traditional management tools.

With technology advancements in Web-based computing, global information systems (GIS) and mobile applications, there are abundant opportunities to increase an organization’s efficiency. Seizing these opportunities can dramatically increase the profitability of projects and the speed of completion.

Software providers like geoAMPS are advancing the way business is conducted with right of way management software. geoAMPS software leverages current technology advances with easy-to-use applications on both Web and mobile platforms. With the capability to integrate all of an organization’s operations into a single, scalable, Web-based application, geoAMPS’ technology is tailored to fit the way your organization does business, providing real-time updates though mobile, Web and GIS.

Working with our global clients, geoAMPS suggests several considerations when researching your next software solution.

When searching for new right of way technology consider:

  1. Your current technology, does it work for you or do you for it?
  2. Is working collaboratively, speeding work while reducing errors important?
  3. Are workflows utilized to move projects faster?
  4. Can your employees work anywhere at anytime with real-time information?
  5. Do you have access to secure mobile applications, increasing productivity?
  6. Is access to information based on role and function?
  7. Is your in house technology team capable of building a solution that is secure, robust and handle any service issues quickly?
  8. Do you wish to implement a new solution quickly?
  9. Do employees feel frustrated with your current technology?
  10. Are you ready to increase profits while decreasing errors, delays and security issues?

If your answers to these questions made you rethink your current technology, consider looking at a Web-based solution to help your business. With real-time updates, robust security and the ability to interface with GIS mapping, geoAMPS extensive line of software solutions is capable of handling your organization’s specific needs.

With a reputation of working with clients to tailor our solutions, geoAMPS is a strong contender to take your business to the next level. Schedule a risk free demo here.

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