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Got Light Rail, Transit Access?


A recent report commissioned by the American Public Transportation Association and the National Association of Realtors found that homes with access to public transit weather downturns in the economy better that those without. With Americans preferring to live in more traditional neighborhood communities, a new generation of homebuyers is willing to spend more to gain access to employment, groceries, housing and shopping that is within walking distance. 

Around the United States, hundreds of light rail projects are planned or under way, and there are many more public works projects in various stages of development intended to improve basic service. This is due in part to the public’s desire to live in urban environments where amenities outside of the home and office are easily accessed without the need for an automobile. Today the public is trading large homes in rural areas for the close-knit communities our grandparents would recognize closer in urban areas. 

This movement does not come without challenges. With ageing infrastructure and growing urban communities, the need for effective and easily accessible public transportation is critical.

There are always challenges with new public transportation projects. Property owners have concerns. In some cases, their buildings need to be razed. In other cases, the property owners will have to be compensated for damage and burden. If not properly managed, these problems can lead to issues that can delay or derail a project.

Enter technology companies like geoAMPS which are offering organizations solutions that help transportation projects move forward quicker. rxrAMPS and dotAMPS, two of the line of software products offered by geoAMPS, offer a single solution for end-to-end management of rail and road transportation projects respectively. 

These products provide advancements in Web-based computing, making it possible for each member of the organization’s team to work with real-time information in the office or in the field. Technology like geoAMPS is creating a truly collaborative environment benefitting projects like light rail with faster completions and better return on investment. 

With light rail and other public works projects under way, technology solutions like those offered by geoAMPS help projects move forward.

To see how geoAMPS can help bring projects to completion faster please visit our website or schedule a risk free demonstration and see how transportation projects move faster with geoAMPS technology.

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